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Related post: III. SERVICE DELIVERY 1. Drug purchasing functions A. Select, purchase, and receive medication. B. Purchase nonformulary medication. C. Maintain ECRH formulary with the assistance of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. 2. Drug Distribution Functions. A. Label and dispense consumer medications. B. Distribute floor stock medications. C. Distribute controlled drugs. D. Monitor and stock AfterHours Cabinet E. Maintain emergency kits. 3. Drug accountability and control functions. A. Maintain accountability of controlled drugs. B. Inspect drug storage areas. C. Verify, store, destroy, or return consumer/patient�s drugs from home. D. Verify physician's and dentist�s signatures. E. Maintain/Monitor pharmacy QA plan. F. Maintain psycho-active drug utilization database. G. Buy Terazosin Hydrochloride Maintain pharmacist competency files/standards. 4. Clinical functions A. Perform drug regimen reviews. B. Monitor adverse reactions. C. Monitor medication errors D. Monitor drug orders for correctness, completeness, and appropriateness. E. Monitor for therapeutic duplication. F. Monitor for medication allergies. G. Monitor for drug interactions. H. Provide drug information including classes on the importance of complying with a medication regimen. I. Maintain and Review client/patient medication profiles. J. Perform medication reconciliation process. K. Complete written annual pharmacy assessments for DD consumers. L. Attend annual Interdisciplinary Team Conferences and provide appropriate input. M. Perform drug utilization reviews. N. Provide drug information to clients, patients, families, and ECRH staff. O. Develop and monitor self-administration of medication programs. P. Monitor laboratory values appropriate to medication use. Q. Monitor Food and Drug Interactions. R. Serve as pharmacy representative on facility appointed committees. S. Provide pharmacy consultation (client/patient disease centered.) T. Participate in Periodic Health Reviews. I-4 PROVIDERS Pharmacists are registered and licensed by the State of Georgia Board of Pharmacy. Working under the direct supervision of a pharmacist, pharmacy technician assist in activities involving order entry, dispensing, record maintenance and inspections. Pharmacy technicians must be registered by the State of Georgia and may be certified by the PTCB. I-5 ORGANIZATION ECRH Pharmacy Department is managed by a Pharmacy Director. Other support staff includes Pharmacists, Technicians, Program Assistant and Delivery Personal. See Organizational Chart I-6 GOVERNANCE, COMMITTEE PARTICIPATION AND FACILITY INVOLVEMENT The Georgia State Board of Pharmacy Rules and Regulations, ECRH Policies governs the ECRH Pharmacy Department, and the standards and practices set forth by the Department of BHDD Pharmacy Practice Manual. Staff shall be accountable to perform according to ECRH Pharmacy Manual and Formulary. The pharmacists actively participate on many ECRH and Department Committees, including, but not limited to, the following: Medical Executive, Human Rights, Pharmacy and Therapeutics, Comprehensive Behavior Plan Review, Infection Control, Drug Utilization and Evaluation, Patient and Family Education, Management Team and Clinical Review Panel. The pharmacy staff also participates in the following activities: The Joint Commission preparation, facility planning, budget planning and management organization/reorganization of services, recruitment and selection of pharmacy staff and recommendations for FTE requirements to determine staffing plans.
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